Parras, Coahuila

Parras, Coahuila is home to the oldest, continuously running winery in the Americas called Casa Madero (est. 1597).  The winery offers a tour and wine tasting by appointment, and the hacienda on site is a popular venue for weddings. This was my second time to Casa Madero, so we did not do their wine tour again. This visit was more about enjoying the hacienda and the wedding we were attending.


Currently, there are 14 wineries in Parras, mostly family owned. We had the opportunity to visit Don Leo Winery. This winery is obviously more modern, with a tour including a short ride through the vineyard and seeing buffalo that the owner has brought onto the property. The tasting was given by the oeneologist, and the wines (Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cab Sav/Shiraz) were served with a small plate of meats and cheeses. Surprisingly, my favorite wine was their Chardonnay.


Parras is an up and coming wine area, without the established feel of Guadalupe or California wine areas. However, in August Parras celebrates with their annual Feria de la Uva (Grape Festival). The Rivero Gonzalez winery (know for their rosés) has their own Cosecha Magica festival; which after reading about it,  is now on my “Must Go” list.


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